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Pass The Extinguisher Please!

Yesterday was the 2nd Inauguration of  President Barack Obama! YAY! What a beautiful day in most neighborhoods. It was also the day the nation has chosen to recognize the birthday of Martin Luther King Jr. YAY! He was actually born on January 15th, though.  Hmmm, one day I'll change my birthday, too. I'm a March baby, but I've always wanted a Summer birthday. July 8th get ready!

Although I enjoyed the bulk of the Inauguration festivities you know you can't please everybody. Usually, as big as my mouth is I try to remain quiet when I don't get it or don't agree - everything isn't for everybody, anyway. Creativity is a beautiful thing and I love to see different forms of expression. Creative beings are a blessing is what I believe. As long as no one gets hurt express yo'self! Unfortunately, people do get hurt. Hurt feelings, emotions and if fools go to far with it, body parts.

Alicia Keys. In my opinion Alicia Keys can tickle the ivory's with the best of them. She can write lyrics that make folks like me think they can win a Grammy. But, er, uh, her singing? Naw, Alicia, naw. Being a hit or miss singer is so not a good thing.

The song, Girl On Fire, is already beyond annoying. I get the lyrics - maybe its because Alicia can't sing. If it ain't broke don't fix it. If it's to' up, throw that shit in the garbage, the non-recycle bin, just get rid of it. Obama's On Fire? Obama's On Fire? WHAT? What the hayle? That child done lost her mind!

Okay...The 2nd Inauguration of the 1st Black President - History. He's black and he got up in the White House twice - History.  It happened on Martin Luther King Jr.'s holiday - History. The history that led up to yesterday - Historic. I saw an interview with  two Freedom Fighters. People went down to Mississippi in 1961 to help register folks to vote. Some of them didn't return home. Obama's On Fire?

So many people went to see him being sworn in because their great-great parent's who were born into slavery couldn't. They carried stories of courage and determination with them to get to this moment and this child screams Obama's On Fire? Burning strange fruit swung from trees. Does she know how many people actually want to set President Obama on fire?

"He's living in a world and it's on fire...filled with catastrophe, but he knows he can find a way...everybody knows Michelle is his girl...together they run the world...ooooooooooooooohhhhooooooohhhhhoooooo('-')

Huh? Is she talking about the leader of the free world? The President of The United States? Together they run the world? This has gotta be some nursery rhyme,  Superman little boy tightey whitey draws stuff. STUPID.

Getting down to Nelly's, It's Gettin' Hot In Here is one thing. Obama's On Fire? Drop it like its hot or even The Ohio Players song Fire brought the heat without burning somebody up. Telling someone you're gonna light their ass up could mean they were about to catch a serious beat down or they were going to beat their meat down. Still, Obama's On Fire? Dayum...

"But, Wanda, her song was cute."

"Cute? His daughters writing that when they were 5 on a personal birthday card to him is cute. Ain't nothing cute about a grown woman singing that for the entire world to hear."

"Is it because you don't like the song?"

"That plus it was stupid."

President Obama has a LONG fours years ahead of him. Every decision he makes will be scrutinized and picked apart. I voted for him and will support him. Its going to rough dealing with all the battles from the outside, there's no need to start trouble at home. Folks already have issues with it being black people day in the first place. Racism is still running a marathon and isn't tired yet. Obama's On Fire? Pass the Extinguisher Please!

I luv you

PS - And why didn't Al Green sing, Let's Stay Together? That would've been hot! Oh, sorry, not On Fire hot, but very nice.

If You Speaketh, Yo' Ass Iseth!

The problem with the world is simple - people are liars. Straight out the box pull my draws down and kiss my ass liars. We should say what we mean because me mean it. Not because its what the other person wants us to hear. Why must we continue to portray ourselves as something that we're clearly not? I just don't get it...

There's a company that offers free business cards. People order the cards and make up a title to put on it just to get the free cards. Why? Ain't nobody thinking about yo' dumb ass like that! Get over yourself fool! Pretending as a child with imaginary friends is fine - pretending as an adult with grown folk will get your ass beat, stomped and talked about for the idiot that you're pretending to be.

I know you're asking yourself why all the hostility. I mean, we're more than waist deep in the season to love thy neighbor, right? Well, if you know me then you know childcare has ALWAYS been an issue. People are not reliable, they want millionaire money or they're simply lazy. There is a solution for every problem - stop relying on the wrong people; family included.

There are websites that list reliable people. Reliable I say because the people listed on the website chose to place themselves there. No one asked for their services - they volunteered without hesitation. Okay, here's a quick rundown -

1 Checked ol' girlie out and she seemed right for the job.

2.Background check completed - YAY no blemishes!

3.Ol' girlie met with me and my child - perfect match!

4. First child care date set

5. The day arrives - no call/no show

6. Huh?

7. No call/no show

8. What?

9. No call/no show


Now why would you advertise yourself and go through all the motions to say you're something you're not? If You Speaketh, Yo' Ass Iseth! Why? Oh, let me make a small correction. Sending a text is the thing to do these days, so after I placed a call to her when she was 15 minutes late and the call went dead, she sent a text.

"I'm runimg a little late I been trying to contact yu all day I cam only txt I broke my phone"

Uh, yea, everybody can't spell but what the hail? A good 16 hours had preceded us without a call or text. Really? Heffa...

My anger comes from the fact that Dasia had gotten two bowls of popcorn ready and two Capri Sun juices so they could begin their movie watching marathon. Standing me up - fine. Standing up my child? Oh, yo' ass is about'ta catch a serious yo name is Toby beatin'!

The night ended well because a reliable sitter came at the last minute in her place. Alas, the popcorn was not wasted after all. But look a-here, if you say you're a Hairdresser be a Hairdresser. Don't have people coming to you and all you can do is one style from the 80's. If you say you're a Dentist, be a Dentist  Don't get down with yours Doctor Giggles style. If you say you're a Publicist, Promoter, Marketer, Agent, blah, blah, blah - be it dammit! Bragging that you have a Facebook page...mutha'&%$#% alot of people have a Facebook  page. Who cares about your wanna be insignificant ass?

The people that are making it happen are making it happen. Riding coattails, running your mouth, and trying to live like the Jones's is old and tired. Besides, the Jones's went bankrupt. We say you are what you eat. Some folks must eat a daily dose of shit. We're on the tip on a New Year. Resolve to do better. Resolve to be better. Talking loud and saying nothing is so over. Click your heels 3 times and repeat after me, If You Speaketh, Yo' Ass Iseth. No what were you saying?

I luv you

Are You Smarter Than A 5th Grader?

Last week media mogul Wendy Williams, or some may beg to differ and say Wendell Williams, made a rude comment that R&B singer Beyonce talks like she has a 5th grade education. Hmmmm...does her opinion say that there's something wrong with having a 5th grade education? Wasn't there a show called Are You Smarter Than A 5th Grader where most of the adults weren't? Uh, exactly what were you saying, Wendy?

My daughter is in the 4th grade and comes home with math problems that I have to think about a few times before coming to the correct answer. Who does Albegra in the 4th grade? Hell, I don't use Algebra in my adult life. Does that mean I have a 3rd grade education?

A few websites posted Wendy's opinion which led to many other opinions, which led to mine. One person agreed with Wendy and added Beyonce can't talk and you can tell by her dumb song lyrics with all the OOOO's and grunting noises. Huh?

If song lyrics are any indication of intelligence most singers must be ig'nant.

Alicia Keyes -

No One - Oh, oh, oh, oh, ohhhhhh, oh, oh, oh, oh, ohhhhhh....

Girl On Fire - Oooooooooh, oooooooooh, ooooooooh, ooooooooh....

Lenny Williams -

Cause I  Love You - Ohh, ooohhh, oooohh, ooooohh...

Michael Jackson -

Wanna Be Starting Something - ma ma se , ma ma sa, ma ma coo sa...('-')

Gina Thompson/Missy Elliot -

The Things You Do  - Pizzzow, Gomer be my Pyle like Sha-zam...hee hee hee hee how hee hee hee hee hee hee how...('-')


Gangnam Style - Eh- sexy lady...oppan gang namseutayil o-oo-o...WTH? ('-')

Okay, I gotta stop or else this post will be labeled to be continued. I know Wendy Williams is a talker and a gossip lover. Why this particular comment from here irritated me so much I don't know. I do watch her show at times and applaud her for being successful in a tough business  Maybe it's because I'm a talker and I know that everybody doesn't speak well in public.  Folks get nervous. Yea Beyonce gets on stage and gets it IN, but maybe she has issues articulating things one on one. She didn't have any problem articulating to Jay Z. I don't see a problem there at all - just ask Blue Ivy. She dayum sure didn't have a problem articulating anything to Pepsi. 50 Million Dollars? Yea, that girl is definitely running her world!

The average 5th grader knows technology much better than I do.  They're honest with their words having not yet been tarnished by adults who are out for self so walk over your fellow man. If talking like a 5th grader will get  me a Grammy, millions of records sold, a hard working man and a future that I can't begin to comprehend because its so magnificent than in the words of Biz Markie, so go up your nose with a finger or two, and pull out one or a crusty crew...Pickin' Boogers...('-')

Are You Smarter Than A Fifth Grader? Wendy, girl, how you doin'?

I luv you

Watch Out TV Land!

I was the guest host on The New 16, a local channel here in Albany NY. I didn't realize how cute I look on TV and took a few pictures! I might have to re-think my choice of a radio career - I don't want the world to hear my voice and miss out on all the rest of Miss Luv! 

Kelly and Michael better watch out - Jim Steele and Miss Luv are coming for you! 



Are You That One?

Every family has one. If it’s you, treat it as an honor. A special blessing was placed on you and no matter where you are in your journey, the rest of the way will be smooth. You may not see it or believe it now, but it will.

Being that one isn’t so bad when you look at yourself through your eyes. It’s everybody else’s eyes that have a problem with you. See, that one is the one who sometimes needs a little help to get by. That one can’t keep a job – not because they’re not a great worker, but because of being laid off or a position elimination that one is forced to hit the pavement again. Can’t you just hear your family talking about you now?

“Yea, that one lost their job again. I hope they go down to the welfare and get some food stamps or something. You know they’ll be asking to borrow money soon.”

They never mention when you were working you gave them money for whatever without question. Well, nobody ever views the truth clearly when they talk about that one anyway,

That one is the one who made a bad decision and as they’re telling you what happened you judge them before the next syllable comes from their mouth. That one is the one who you listened to on Monday, but when you saw their number on your Caller ID you decided not to pick up ‘cause you know they’re going to ask for something. See, that one can only be your friend on your terms. That’s fine as long as you keep it one hundred, but you can’t when you smile in that one’s face and bust they’re ass to everyone else.

That one is the one who succeeds all the time. Weak finances, bad relationships, circumstances that follow you around for the fun of it and employment that never measures up to your worth. But then again, you can’t put a price on that one. That one makes their life happen the way they want it to and doesn’t settle for what is thrown at them. Gossip makes the world go around and around. When it’s gossip about a person who has to struggle a bit…whew, that’s like the world spinning on a Harlem Globetrotters finger.

If you’re that one you never hit rock bottom as long as you remember that there is a rock at the bottom to hold on to. The solid rock that is He.

A family is made up of members who have many titles. Mother, Father, Sister, Brother, Aunt, Uncle, Cousin, Grandfather, Grandmother, Half This, No Blood Relation That and now That One. If you’re not that one stop running your mouth. Staying in a comfort zone because you’re afraid to live for you ain’t comfortable. Ask yourself Are You That One? You probably already know but don’t want to admit it. Shame is a cover-up for fools. Embrace it, release it and continue being that one until. Keep on pushin’; greatness awaits you.
That STOOPID ish...

Sometimes people say things that they absolutely know are ignorant, but want you to believe that what they say will benefit you. Lately I've heard more than my share of That STOOPID ish, and I have to get it out. Read, laugh, and hopefully if you're on the receiving end you'll know how to deflect it. If you're the one scooping it up - you're the type of dumbass that has a Master's Degree.

1. I'll put in a good word for you...
2. Don't worry about it; I already talked to "them" for you...
3. I did it for you...
4. If you do this it will benefit you, not me...
5. If I were you I would...
6. Don't go ask, they'll just tell you no...
7. I didn't think you wanted it...
8. You don't need to be at this meeting; I'll let you know what happens..
9. You should do it like this...
10.Everybody else agrees with me, so you might as well, too...

When you first hear any of these statements, especially if you don't hear them within the same day or week, you may think they're beneficial. NOPE. Don't be fooled by That STOOPID ish. These statements are usually made by people who know you can do their job better than they can and want to make sure you never find out. That STOOPID ish doesn't discriminate nor does it have favorites. Anyone can be a victim because it attacks you at work, your home life and goes extra hard when its financial.

1. I forgot to sign the check? Oh...send it back to me so I can sign it and then I'll send it back to you so you can get your money...
2. I lost my job due to the economy so I can't pay child support until I find another job and I don't know when that will be 'cause I gotta...
3. Do you have any extra money that I can have? I can't pay it back so don't be asking me for it if you give it to me...
4. We don't offer direct deposit but you can't pick your check up until after four and the girl who hands out the checks is off today so you'll have to get it tomorrow...
5. I got the money that I owe you and I will give it to you if you come with me to the mall. If I don't spend it I will give it to you, I promise...
6. Well, he was supposed to pay the bill and since he didn't I'm getting the money from you since you're his sister...
7. Well, since he was supposed to pay the bill he can pay you the money back that I borrowed from you to pay the bill...
8. You can put it all on one tab and I'll just give you what I owe when we get outside...
9. I know you got some money. I don't see why you can't give me some...
10. Naw, I still don't have a job so I can't pay child support, buy a Christmas gift or a birthday present...

That STOOPID ish never goes away. Over the years it has reinvented itself to suit the times. The sad part is, is that we change right along with it and continue to allow it into our life.

1. I'll never cheat again...
2. I thought I could get away with it. Please forgive me...
3. She don't mean nothing to me...
4. I married you didn't I...
5. I only did it 'cause I didn't have anything else to do...
6. I don't know how that number got into my wallet...
7. If you love me you would...
8. You believe her over me...
9. My phone didn't have service last night...
10.She's just a friend....

How do you combat That STOOPID ish? It's easy, but most people won't do it. When someone says some stoopid ish to you immediately put dat ass on BLAST! Don't let them walk away, check'um where they stand.

"Hey, uh, I was gonna help you, but I just remembered that I have something to do..."
"You know you just said some stoopid ish, but it's cool. I expect that kinda stuff from you..."

And then simply walk away. They'll stand there looking at you like, "Huh? I know she didn't just call me out." Let'um stand there. Most people who know they're wrong don't like for you to know their wrong. That just ain't right in their book. Hey, life goes on.

That STOOPID ish is coming to a sentence near you - you have been warned.

I luv you.

Does Death Become You?

Recently I attended the funeral of Mr. Henry (Hank) Shoultz. Mr. Shoultz was someone who I didn't know for very long, but I knew him long enough to know that he loved cheese peanut butter crackers. I knew him long enough to know that he was loved and that he is someone who will be missed and remembered.

The repast for Henry was held at the church following his burial. I didn't attend the burial ceremony. Instead, I wanted to help get things ready for his family and others when they returned. Have you ever wanted to slap an entire group of people at the same time? You know, line them up, slob up ya hand and just let it rip down the row? While I stood in the church kitchen offering my services slapping folks was the main thought that occupied my mind.

Is it that serious that you need to plot out how much food you're going to take home after everyone leaves? Really, yo fat ass is watching the pan? When it gets to a certain level you'll remove it from the table, so you can have leftovers? Oh, wait, you're not even going to put certain items out because you want to make sure you get extra?

Death becomes you if you behave like no one died or that you never will. Why do "we" act like that? Someone dies and "we" decide to get closer to God and to our families all while we're rummaging through the deceased' belongings. We argue over who is going to get what when we don't deserve it in the first place. Going hard for some fried chicken and cabbage? That's why yo fat ass is a fat ass.

I was so disappointed to see grown folks being disrespectful and outright greedy. Didn't they understand that Mr. Henry Shoultz is gone? He died? He's dead? Do they understand a soul, heaven, hell? Evidently not.

If you've followed my blog or know me you may know that I have issues with death. I didn't notice much when my father died. Now I'm wondering if people fought over food in the kitchen while I sat a few feet away and cried.

Death becomes you if someone else's death turns into a story all about you. Death becomes you if you're claiming items from someone and their still alive. What do you mean what if they're terminally ill and only have a few months to live? Shame, but you're terminally ill and don't know it.

One day we'll all die a physical death. Until that day comes, don't let death become you. You can't see it on yourself but its not a good look to have.

I luv you.

And to the lady who tried to hide the peach cobbler 'cause her friend made it; the cobbler was quite nasty...('-')

The Help - My Opinion

 Last night I had the opportunity to attend an advanced screening of the movie The Help. I saw television previews for it and had decided it was a movie I'd wait to see when it was released on DVD. The previews made me think, "Oh here we go...another po' sad black lady shall overcome story..." Well, it is a po' sad black lady shall overcome story and it is one that should be told.

Everybody has a story and most will never make it to print or the big screen. Most will get passed down through generations and get changed to suit the teller or stop because people are tired of talking about it. Stories like The Help make me think of my ancestors and what if it were me. A movie that's entertaining, gets the point across and makes you think is a winner for me.

The movie The Help is based on the book, The Help, released in February of 2009 by Kathryn Stockett. I didn't read the book and probably won't, but I thoroughly enjoyed the movie. The story is set in Mississippi in the 1960's and centers around maids who work in white folks homes. Hey, in the 60's South there weren't many job opportunites for black people, let alone women. A writer, Skeeter (Emma Stone) comes home from college and wants to write a book from the help's point of view. Aibileen (Viola Davis) and Minnie (Octavia Spencer) are the maids who get the stories rolling. And boy do the stories roll!

Cicely Tyson has a small role and you know Miss Jane Pittman delivered. The movie is humorous, courageous, poignant, and so very thought-provoking. The Help reminded me of the Color Purple, another story that had to be told. I judged the preview on the we all look alike (somebody said that on the boat so it must be true) (oh, Wanda, bad black girl...('-')assumption. I won't give the story away, but will say if you have a choice to see one good movie this summer and this type of movie is your flavor, check it out.

The audience applauded at the end and was a mix of black women and men, as well as white women and men. Seeing the audience made me realize that the movie wasn't made to degrade black women or show them as less deserving or ignorant, but instead to tell a story that belongs to all of us - history. We've come a long way baby; stories like The Help prove and reiterate the fact that we need to keep on going.
Are You Better?

It's said when you know better you do better. What if you know better, but because of "situations" you keep doing the same thing? I say an excuse isn't a reason for anything but failure. Can it be that sometimes in life an excuse is the only reason you have?

If you keep doing things the same way you keep getting the same results. Do you get the same results if you do them in different situations or with different people? It didn't work once or twice so you know better right? Maybe...but the third time is the charm. Ahhh, failure makes you continue to try. The question is when do you decide you know better? When do you try to do it differently?

Something as simple as crossing the street made me think about how I can do better. A few weeks ago I saw a story about a mother who faced jailtime because her son was killed while they crossed the street. Instead of crossing at the crosswalk they jaywalked. You can read the entire story here -
Raquel Nelson Two days later I had to cross the street with my daughter. Did I go to the crosswalk? No. I crossed at the middle of the street seeing the building I wanted to enter was right there. I knew better but didn't do better. Excuse? Explanation? Failure on my part?

Parents who stand on the curb with their child in the stroller in the street. Will that make you cross the street faster or make your child get hit sooner as the car speeding down the street tries to beat the light, or swerves, or has a tire blowout or you fill in the blank__________.

Looking down the train tracks to see if the train is coming. Does that make you get to your destination faster? What if you fall on the tracks? Where does that get you? Leaving your kids in the car while you just, "Run in to get one thing." What if another car hits yours? Maybe someone will decide at that moment to steal your car. How about, "Oh we're only going around the block, so you don't need your seatbelt." Did you ever consider the other car that's coming in the oposite direction around the same block that's speeding and not paying attention to anything else?

How many times have you known better, but continued to do the same old thing anyway? Check your actions, relationships and behaviour. How many times has a mistake made by someone else given you one more chance to do better? The death of a child usually makes us pay attention, but for how long?

Am I judging the mother who had to go through this ordeal? No. My heart hurts for her. She lost her child trying to do better. She wanted to get her family home as quickly as possible. I wonder though if you fail when you try to better yourself do you give up and stay in your rut? I don't but the opportunity to repeat the action has happened many times.

Think about how many times you've said this is the last time that I'll ever blah, blah, blah. One time it just might be your last time. Evaluate you and ask Are You Better? Go deep with it; your answer will surprise you.

I luv you.

If you can't see if do you believe it? What does trust look like? How about love? You can feel it so it must be real, right? It has to exist. Ahhhh, faith! The one thing we all need...but what kind and how much?

When you talk to God do you hear His reply? "They" say that's what faith is. Your belief that He answers you and is working in your favor. I talk to God and sometimes I can't decipher if He's responding or if it's my mind saying what I want to hear. "They" say be still and you'll hear Him. In my stillness I hear noise from outside and sounds I otherwise wouldn't notice. My belief in my version of faith is what keeps me waiting, in silence, for one word from Him.

We put our faith in many things. Faith that our relationship will work out, that we'll get that big promotion or move on to better living conditions. If it doesn't work out the way we wanted do we doubt faith? Do we get angry and give up? Afterall, it's hard to believe in a physical being; believing in something you can't see is an entirely different task in itself.

We say prayer changes things. I believe it does, but not overnight. For me living from paycheck to paycheck just gets on my nerves. I have faith that my situation will change. I look at it this way, I'm living and moving forward in my passion. Yeah, it's gonna change. I may not eat what I want to eat, but at least a sista is eating. Faith is finding the big bright light in any situation. Some folks say there is no bright spot, but say they have faith. Hmmmm...I'm not the judge, but I disagree. What say you?

Many people had faith that the marriage equality bill would pass in New York State. Now this is where I get confused. I think faith is a connection to God and one connection to God is the Bible. In the book of Leviticus, Chapter 20:13 it reads:

-If a man also lie with mankind, as he lieth with a woman, both of them have committed an abomination: they shall surely be put to death; their blood shall be upon them.-

That verse is from the Old Testament. Does that mean its outdated? Should the Bible change to suit our faith or should we abide by our faith in it?

The Casey Anthony trial. Where does your faith believe? If you believe she's innocent you're doing alright, if not, then what? Do you keep on hoping she'll do something to turn it around in your faiths favor? Should you put your faith in wanting someone to get "it"?

There's so much dissension in the world and everybody has faith that their way is the right way. Peace surrounds faith; not confusion. Does that mean if you're at peace with your decision it's right? Man...makes me wonder...it really makes me wonder.

I believe there is a Higher Power that guides us in life. Is my faith smarter than yours? Better? More politcally correct? And does politics have anything to do with faith? Some decisions make me say no, but that's just what I think. What about you?

For me my faith in Him to guide me in my life is all I have. Do I wonder about other people? Of course I do. Well, that's basically what all humans do. Talk, share, grow and learn. Alot of things I don't get. Alot of things are not for me to get. I do have faith that we can all live together as one nation...of to' up people. Sometimes the right to disagree is wrong; it always makes room for someone's faith to go bankrupt. Should faith be what you make it? I don't know, I do know that Faith Is...or do I?



Thank God and Go


Another beginning, another ending, joy, love and fear. As I watched the ball drop these emotions pumped through my veins. Fear of failure is the strength you need to succeed. Will we succeed? Yes! Why? Believe, thank God and go!

2010 was all about forward motion for me. I picked up 'um up, put 'um down and stepped my way into me. Or at least I began walking towards who and what Da FLY Hunny is supposed to represent. You won't get it sitting down and talking about it. No one will bring it to you, either. You're not that special. The world will continue to spin and if you choose to sit and talk about what everyone else is doing, sit. You'll be good and dizzy with envy while everyone else is making their IT happen and no one will care what you have to say anyway. Solution? Thank God and go!

One fact that we must never forget is that we're all going to die. When, where and how most of us don't know, but it is going to happen. My legacy won't be what I wanted to do, but instead, she did this, that, loved and left us this. What will your legacy be? Will you be remembered as someone who ran their mouth or someone who people ran their mouths about?

The recent death of R&B singer Teena Marie saddened me. My mind flooded with memories of listening to her music as a teen. I thought about a summer day in Niagara Falls New York walking down the sidewalk bopping to her song Behind The Groove. I had a small radio at my ear and a small red tube top on my chest. Add a pair of blue jean shorts and jelly shoes and I was it! You couldn't tell me anything! Well, my daddy did. He came out on the porch, saw me half dressed and yelled for me to get in the house and put some clothes on! I didn't have any titties so I don't know why he was so upset.

That thought reminded me of forward motion. We can never go back. I'll never be a teen again, my daddy will never give me advice like only he could, and I'll never bop down the street to another new Lady Tee song again. So what do you do? Do you lay dormant afraid of what your future holds? No, you step into a reality called life, thank God and go!

We all say where did 2010 go. We wonder - WOW, time really does fly by. The past can be a beautiful thing if you are living your you. No regrets, forgiveness, and life. A fresh start is a good thing but you can make a change anytime. You may not have a grip on what your passion is, but I know that it isn't laying in misery waiting on someone else to get it together. Each breath you take is for you. Life can suck the life out of you if you let it. Be aware of your surroundings, what you say and how you present yourself. A frown on someone may be them trying to hold in gas, but if they have a to' up face everyday, hmmmm, maybe they really don't care much for you. Don't fret, everybody isn't supposed to get along.

Welcome 2011! You're a date on a calendar that will come regardless if I'm here or not. Me, I'm a living, breathing, wonderful person that plans to work your dates to my benefit. You're going to keep rolling and so am I. I'm so ready for what He has in store for me! Are you? I thought so! Get, ready! Get Set! Thank God and go!

Is Your Change Adding Up?


It’s been said that time heals all wounds. I don't think it’s the time alone that heals, but the changes and motion, whether forward or back, that's the medicine. For me it's been forward motion that has my life on the plus side.

The last two years I've struggled with my emotions regarding the death of my father. Hard, evil, angry, miserable - if it equals the word ugly I've felt it. It’s not a good thing, but we all go through it. Death kills us emotionally and then brings us back to Life. Some people live their life to die. Plan for retirement - don't live for it. Plan to live to a fruitful old age - don't hope to live until you're old.

A few weeks after my father died I had a dream about rats and some other stuff that made no sense. My dreams about him always contained a memory of him, but he was never in the dream. Last night I had a dream and he was there. I was in a kitchen and was serving lemon cookies to two of the kids that starred in the Everybody Hates Chris Show. I think the cookies were lemon because two days earlier I bought an Entenmanns Lemon Crunch Cake. Weird. It was the girl, Tanya and the boy, Drew. We were talking about school and teenage stuff. My father was standing by the side of the table and took a few cookies off the plates and ate them. He was smiling and laughing, but I couldn't hear his voice and he never said anything.

When I woke up I remembered the dream and that he was there! My father was in my dream! He was happy and healthy. He had on his glasses and looked just like my daddy. I thought of the times when I was a teenager and would bake cookies. He would come pick a few off the plate and keep walking into the living room to watch TV. I had a hard time remembering good things until lately.

There has been so much forward motion in my life since 2008. Positive motion. I'm still working on financial stability, but my change is adding up. When you step out on faith you step into you. I miss my daddy. I may have pennies in my change purse, but those pennies are adding up to my IT.

Think about who you are, what you want and what you do. Think about the changes you’ve made or are willing to make to get it. A small change is the catapult for greatness. My dream made me realize that I’m getting there. I’m hurt that my father isn’t here, but I’m living. I’m changing and becoming a better person. At the end of each day I don’t feel that my change drawer is short. I can turn in and know that I’ve done good…I’ve done real good. Do your life math; Is Your Change Adding Up?

Uh…does this dream mean that I need to play a number? (^_^)

I luv you.

REVIEW - LuvMe - 05/18/10


“LuvMe.” by Wanda D. Hudson, sucked me in with her sensual opening piece entitled “Dear Diary” and set the momentum for the rest of this sexy read!
A collection of sensual short stories that you could read during your lunch break or after one of those “Calgon take me away baths”

Ms. Hudson provides the stage for her readers to live vicariously through her character’s lives and erotic fantasies.
A different tasty treat as you encounter each story as no two are alike. Ms Hudson dispensed humor along with lust and originality with each scenario.

You’re bound to find one that will be a favorite. ”DSL”, Room with a View” and “She” are the three that stood out for me.
Lust, entertainment and passion are what you’ll get between these pages…are you ready?

A recommended read.

Locksie Locks
May 18, 2010
ARC Book Club Inc.
Star Rating 5.0*****

REVIEW - LuvMe - 05/17/10


Wanda D. Hudson’s Luv Me is the truth when it comes to a sonata simmering with delectable tales. Luv Me presented me with a sweetness that immediately ignited a smile from page one. The flavor of Luv Me is entertaining, funny, and offers a sensual flow that is satisfying. You know how you feel when you are catching a peak of eye candy who isn’t aware that you are watching them? Luv Me gave me that feeling. As I turned the pages, it was like opening up a box to an assortment of the finest chocolate. H-Ball Eva, DSL, Bertice, Succulent… there’s a hot treat for you to discover.
Luv Me drifted me into a world of fantasy I could’ve never imagined. As with any good thing, I wanted more. Seriously, it is knee buckling, finger biting literary goodness. Well, it was for me. Ladies, a hot bubble bath, a glass of Zinfandel, and Luv Me is the perfect relaxation to come home to after a long day. Men, there is a pleasure in Luv Me for you too. Get it. It is hot.
Sheniqua “Shaniq” Wallace
Miami, FL


REVIEW - Wait for Love: A Black Girl's Story - 05/01/10


If you have read the Coldest Winter Ever and Flyy Girl and all of those other hot must reads then you are going to LOVE Wait For Love by Ms. Wanda D. Hudson. Wait For Love is a phenomenal story, which I recommend for ALL women to read regardless of their relationship status.  This novel touches upon various situations that every female will embark upon sometime in her life, or come in contact with someone who has encountered some of these circumstances.  This quick paced novel is very entertaining, enlightening, and easy to read   While reading this novel you cant help but stop and recap about obstacles which you may have faced and how you could have handled them differently or stop to say “Thank God that I’ve never experienced that”.  Regardless of who you are, where you come from, and how you were raised you will be able to take something from this novel be it as basic as the fact that you should educate your child about sex and self image, or on the more compound end of the spectrum you may realize the importance of taking one day at a time and waiting for love because as we are reminded in this story patience is truly a virtue.  


Aerielle Morton

Avid Reader 


REVIEW - Wait for Love: A Black Girl's Story 04/15/10


I am love sick and food is the cure

I really enjoyed this novel and felt like I received some answers to the low self-esteem issues. Ms. Hudson will do a number on your emotions with this one. You will want to kill the main character and other times you won’t be able to do anything but laugh because she just seems that dumb. Other times you will only feel compassion for her and want to treat her like she’s your child

We ride shot gun with Lynnette “Lynnde” Lee from the time of eighteen until forty. That may seem like a long time but I have to say it works well. The best of the book is the comic sarcastic commentary that is so on point it’s eerie. Lynnde gives new meaning to the statement “Looking for love in all the wrong places." Her love life goes from bad to worse with each new love interest. Her relationships are turbulent to say the least and through it all she has her cure all….food. Over the years we watch her struggle to keep a man all the while struggling with her weight. While obesity is a real issue in our society, I have yet to see it dealt with in this matter and was pleasantly pleased with the end result.

I recommend this book to all as it’s very insightful and will cause you to do some thinking about folks in your life. I look forward to reading books from Ms. Hudson in the future I love her writing style and the direct talking to the reader is a welcome change, especially because she got it right and predicted what I was thinking.

SiStar Tea
ARC Book Club Inc.
4.5 star rating
REVIEW - Wait for Love: A Black Girl's Story 03/18/10
“A Book of Pathos”
Wanda D. Hudson’s novel Wait for Love is the story of a young woman’s quest to find “Real” love while experiencing many let downs from her first love to the last. The Main character Lynnde Lee, takes us on a dramatic rollercoaster ride that spins out of control and sends the reader through loop after loop as one could not imagine the hellish nightmare she suffers at every jerky turn, all in the name of love. The story is a paradox of loneliness and despair. The over all mood is sadness. Without the unconditinal love of her best friend Esta and encouragement from her mother, how will Lynnde ever climb her way out of the emotional turmoil she constantly finds her self in and live, and does she?
I wouldn’t call Wait for Love a literary romp but a literary elevator ride with a sense of falling fast. In one scene, Lynnde has me laughing as she describes kids as “Reggedy ass kids.” In fact there are several scenes where I giggle and chuckle. However, from the moment I opened the book I felt as if I’d stumbled upon someone’s journal, sneaked a peak inside, and refused to put it down until I knew how Lynnde’s tragic life turned out. The strongest points in the story are where the author turns tragedy into comedy which is a plus for the reader in search of emotional strength and inspiration.
But, the writer doesn’t get off that easily. I had to steal one star away from this story and one star only. Let’s just say, “Wanda, girl, come on now! What “Wait for Love lacked in, setting, scenery and circa, which is the backdrop of any novel, the author made up for in personality. Nevertheless, the reader journeys through Lynnde Lee’s life and knows her pain. Lynnde knows what you’re thinking too and predicts and names your reaction which is genius. Her insight is yours for healing. You will enjoy and appreciate her musings and learn valuable life lessons throughout.

The author speaks eloquently and the message is clear, “Wait for Love!”
There’s a New York Times best selling author on the horizon. Keep your eyes open for Wanda D. Hudson!
Author BB Love

Point of View Publishing
REVIEW - LuvMe 03/12/10
My boyfriend got this book for me from the author herself. I started reading the book in between classes and it was really hard to put it down. It leaves you salivating, fantasizing and experiencing the pain, love and confusion of the characters. I finished the book in less than two days and was ready to start on her first book titled "Waiting for Love'.
Furthermore, I have to say that this book was well put together and Wanda has all of my support.
Shahara Roberts


REVIEW - LuvMe 01/27/10


Luv Me is an entertaining collection of erotic short stories. It takes you to places you fantasize about going to and leaves you wanting more. It will fill you with sexual and sensual pleasure as well as comic relief. Each story gives a riveting encounter of love, lust and passion. It's a good read whether you're on the bus or train going to work or right before you go to bed. After reading Wanda's first book, Wait For Love: A Black Girl's Story, I was expecting something similar, but was pleasantly surprised when I realized how different the two books are. Well done, Wanda! You've done a marvelous job once again. Can't wait for the next one.


Tracey McFarlan


Nilla Luv


You’re an adult much longer than you’re a child, so childhood memories remain with you your entire lifetime. Parents should keep this in the back of their minds as they make decisions for their children. Do they? Nope. That’s why some of us are just plain old to’ up today. We just won’t or can’t let things go! It’s hard to forget when all you can do is remember.


My issue may not be much of an issue with the state of the world today. My own inner turmoil that I must release at some point to heal is my lustful adoration of Vanilla Wafers. There, I said it, it’s out and time to move on!


Why have I held onto this for so many years? I’m 44 and this one memory keeps popping up. Wanda, it’s just a cookie. NO IT’S NOT! It’s the cookie that my mother NEVER let me have! It’s the cookie that only entered our house on special occasions. Since when did making a Banana Pudding overrule the hunger pains of a child? Mama why? Why couldn’t I have the dayum wafer? Why?


The mere site of the yellow box, the thought of the sweet taste as I nibbled; the feel of the delicate crumbs….aaaaaaaah….Did I get to savor these things? No! See, if my mama gave me one cookie, just one cookie, she wouldn’t have enough to complete her masterpiece. Hell, it wasn’t as if the lights or the gas would get turned off if I ate one. We wouldn’t have to live on the street over one cookie. I love Banana Pudding, but I hate what it has done to me. I wanted to flip to finished product over onto the floor and make it feel like I did. Hurt. Upset. Mad.


When I go to the grocery store I always speak to the Vanilla Wafers – “What’s up my, Nilla?” The box smiles at me and wishes me well. I don’t always buy a box but when I do, the wafers don’t stand a chance at becoming added to any other delectable dessert. They are all mine! Awww, Lawd, talk about overdose issues!


I bought a box of Vanilla Wafers last week. It was then that I decided to write this and hopefully get over my childhood issues. I don’t know if it’s working. I can see myself standing in the kitchen begging for a cookie and I’m still mad! What in the &*%$# is wrong with me? Geesh…


They say the first step to recovery is admitting that you have a problem. I don’t know what the second step is. I do know that I’m going to eat every dayum Vanilla Wafer and think about the times that I didn’t get to eat them.


Yah’ll, it’s a cookie. Think before you speak to your child. So what they spill something; will the house disintegrate? No, and you won’t either. I have a little list that isn’t written down, but I have to let it go:


  1. One can of Cranberry Sauce on the holiday. Uhm…Cranberry Sauce is only available on the holidays? Ma, why? Why, Ma?
  2. Why did I get a whoopin’ when I fell off the bike and broke my tooth? Ma, Daddy, why?
  3. Why did we have to eat fish with the bones in it and get yelled at that we better not choke on the bone

I love my parents and I had a wonderful childhood. I think I’m just missing my Daddy and reminiscing. Will I always have Luv for my Nilla? Yep…Nilla Luv….ahhhh, Nilla Luv….


I luv yah’ll.




A few weeks ago I had an eye doctor appointment. I received wonderful news in that I can actually see better then the computer measured results. The doctor stated that based on his printout I should not be able to read the eye chart as well as I did. It’s a miracle! Well, maybe not, but I walked out of the office with a normal pair of glasses versus the oh, so, un-sexy coke-bottle aww, dayum frames.


The American Optometic Association defines Astigmatism as a vision condition that causes blurred vision due either to the irregular shape of the cornea, the clear front cover of the eye, or sometimes the curvature of the lens inside the eye. An irregular shaped cornea or lens prevents light from focusing properly on the retina, the light sensitive surface at the back of the eye. As a result, vision becomes blurred at any distance. One week after my appointment I realized that I did have a-stigma-tism, but eye glasses were not what I needed to correct the condition.


I was driving and looking for a building address. Why do buildings go from number 26 to number 82? Just ridiculous! Although I was in the vicinity, I became frustrated when there was no place to park, so I could get out and ask for directions.  Didn’t the world know that I was in desperate search of building number 47?  I’m going to call my State Senator and complain; that’s if he isn’t to busy getting his freak on from a call that he made…to forgive is divine.


Well, I pulled up to the entrance of a parking garage and proceeded to take the directions out and explain them to the attendant. While I was halfway through my sentence I asked the attendant did he speak English. Rude, WandaLuv, just rude! Frustration makes you say some stupid shit, but degrading someone is simply ignorant. My entire tone with the foreigner was uncalled for.  My assumption = a-stigma-tism in my mind.


See, I grouped the attendant with “his kind.” Can speak limited English and only knew how to direct cars up and down the ramp of the parking garage. Everybody has a story to tell; maybe I will read about his in the news one day. He may become the inventor of a device that pinpoints your exact location with picture detail, tells you where to park your car, and when to shut your mouth before you say something rude.


I did use the garage to park my car and when I retrieved it I made sure that I thanked him for directing me, and apologized for giving him a hard time. He smiled, said thank you, and probably muttered I get your kind all the time.


The word stigma means the mark of disgrace or discredit. Do you group people together as a whole, or do you see them as an individual? If you’ve seen one have you seen them all, or have you ever really noticed that one exists? 


I kind of thought it was me, but realized it wasn’t after attending my daughter’s school last week for an after school program. My daughter’s first grade teacher sometimes talks to me with a hint of doubt in her voice. As if she’s telling me to do this for my child, but none of the parents ever do, so she knew that I wouldn’t either. It’s like she’s brushing me off; like I’m the same as each parent that sends their child to school unprepared. Maybe she does it and doesn’t know. Is that ignorance or adapted behavior? Hmmm…

At the school I had a chance to see a small percentage of the students and some of the parents. Was it my a-stigma-tism or were the parents classed as those kinds of people?


While deciding to write this post I thought about times that I have had a-stigma-tism. Once when riding the train in New York City my CD batteries went dead. My eyes scanned the car looking for an Asian person that my have batteries to sell. There was one woman seated a few feet away. I actually thought about going to ask her for batteries. Hey, I wanted the remainder of my ride to be musically filled. Rude, but a-stigma-tism clouds not only your vision, but your mind.


Is it a natural reaction to group races together? Is it a learned behavior? Can you get to know an individual without attaching the history of their nationality to them? Can we talk to someone of a different race about who we are without bringing up our history?


Astigmatism of the eye can be corrected. A-Stigma-Tism of the mind? Hmmm…


I luv yah’ll


In With the Old, Out With the New....


Confusing title? At first glance sure, but keep reading. A new year means another chance to change everything that you didn’t quite seem to get to last year. Was one of those changes buying a new cell phone? What was wrong with the old one? Did it make phone calls like it was intended to do? Maybe you wanted to upgrade to a new phone because of the text messaging feature, the camera, the email alerts, or the fifty-trillion applications that you never use.


Buying a new car is always a blessing. Why did you buy one? Was it to get the new model that looks and drives like the old model, but costs ten thousand dollars more? The ten thousand dollars amount – exaggerated I know - is for the added comfort of two extra cup holders on the doors, just in case the four in the center aren’t enough.


The old way of wearing clothes seemed fine. You put on a shirt to cover the top portion of your body, and pants or skirts to cover the lower. The new way to wear clothing is to show as much titty and ass-crack allowed by law. Isn’t there an old law for indecent exposure?


Sneakers that light up so kids can see themselves when they’re outside playing at night. Uh, the old way was to have your ass in the house before it got dark.


A savings bank between your mattresses may not gain interest but taking it into the bank opens up a whole new world. It is the avenue for a pleasant exchange with the teller, and it provides security and light chatter to get the teller through the work day. The new – online banking, ATMs, and hidden fees that show up when you have no money to pay them. Overdraft!


Respect. What has happened to teaching our children about or adults living in respect?  Adults are not supposed to swear, but we do. In the old days children would sneak and swear when adults weren’t around. The new children?  Awww, Lawd! Somebody wash that child’s mouth out with bleach!  They don’t use the proper salutation when addressing us either. Somewhere Miss, Mr. and Mrs. was replaced with whatever they felt like saying at the time.


Who decides to keep changing technology? Who are we keeping up with? What is happening to the technology of your family? When a fifteen year old boy texts his mother to tell her that he got his girlfriend pregnant we have gone too far! Sex and texting? Awww, Lawd! Sitting at the dinner table eating as a family isn’t the same when everyone is checking their Blackberry. We really did leave having dinner as a family to Beaver  


An old saying that has been around for centuries is to never burn a bridge, because you never know when you might have to cross back over it. How many bridges have you burned to keep up with the new? Understandably old may not have a place in your life. You may have gained so much new weight that your old clothes don’t fit. You may have made decisions that changed the outlook on your life, and old relationships have to remain as is.


Life is forward motion. Standing still or living in the past is coffin fodder. We have to embrace change if we want to stay in the know. Record album, 8-Track, cassette tape, CD and MP3. The joy of going into the fast-food restaurant has been reduced to sitting in a line full of exhaust to receive a bag from the drive-thru. One window for orders; the next your edible delights. Get the product to the consumer as quickly and as compact as possible.  Choke and go.


I love new. The internet and blogging, new shoes, new opportunities, you know, the new positive stuff. New is wonderful, familiar is comfortable, but old has always been reliable and reassuring. Can new become old and have lasting value, or is it new for such a short period of time that it fades away without a memory?


We decide what is best for our lives. If new is causing your decision-making process chaos to your megabyte memory storage files, press ctrl+alt+delete and save out with the new and in with the old.


I luv yah'll






Don't Drop Da Ball


We all love sports. Men love the battle, the camaraderie, the victories and defeats. Ladies love to see men in uniform being rough, ooh wee, and the money that comes with it.  With the fun that a sport brings, there are rules that must be followed. You must stay inbounds, don’t foul out, no illegal contact, and don’t drop da ball.


Athletes work so hard to abide by the rules while on an authorized playing field. They don’t want to be the one to cause the team a penalty that may lead to a game loss. Yeah, on an authorized playing field they are a true team player. They hold on to da ball tight, they even wear a cup to assist in their effort. Don’t drop da ball – by any means necessary!


I can’t understand how they follow the rules for one team, but not the other. Is it because the other team isn’t equal? Is the other team not satisfying their needs?  Does the other team not know their place? Till death do us part should make the other team equal to everything. Maybe till death do us part is in intensive care and needs a life saving operation, because by the looks of things, that sucka is on its way outta here.


People get married for the sake of having a wedding, not a marriage. We say that a woman wants a glamorous wedding more so that a man, but I don’t think so. Men want to look fly at a ceremony without putting in the work. They don’t lift a finger to help; just tell their boys to show up in a suit and get ready to drink.


 “Well, I paid for whatever she wanted!”


Sorry, you paid for what you wanted. You paid for her to quit nagging you about this or that; you paid for silence and peace of mind. Money and peace will never be equal. The more peace a person has, the more piece of money they will have to pay to keep people from disturbing it. Funny, after all theses years we still haven’t learned that you can’t pay for peace.


The news during the new millennium has had many stories involving dropped balls, and the 90’s, the 80’s, and insert your decade here _____ dayum! Lawd, what happened, have cups gone out of style?


Do golfers wear cups? Maybe that’s Tiger Woods excuse. He has hit da balls on courses all over the world and I know he knows golf rules. When da ball is going towards the wrong target yell fore! That fool saw da balls going in the wrong direction and didn’t say a thing! Now he has to pay a penalty for his team…


Do basketball players wear cups? Maybe that’s Kobe Bryant’s excuse. He knows da balls are supposed to be dribbled on a basketball court. Since when did they put a basketball court in a hotel room that can only be played on from the backside? He is still paying interest on his team’s penalty…


Michael Jordan simply got confused. He tried to play basketball and golf and mixed up the rules. He didn’t know if he should yell fore or call a time-out. Instead of taking a step back and re-reading the rules, he just dunked da balls and swung da putter hoping for a good score. Not! Paying a team penalty for life ain’t no joke; no wonder he sells draws…


Steve McNair. I’m not saying anything. Till death do us part.


Michael Strahan should have put da ball between that field goal gap in his teeth instead of another woman’s flesh. Now he’s taking da balls to a field that has had funny balls in it for years. I hope da balls have a sense of humor and a lot of money…


OJ Simpson’s balls made him go crazy. If da balls aren’t getting enough playing time they just back up and burst.


Wilt Chamberlain was a ball-aholic. He didn’t get the nickname The Big Dipper solely for his skills on the court. I hope da balls were covered when he dipped them; passing illicit coatings around – barf, gag, vomit, shit, that’s nasty!


What has our society evolved into? When God made Eve for Adam did He have a wedding ceremony, or did He say “Here, Adam, tear it up and do what you want with it. And when you’re ready, take da balls wherever you want.” That doesn’t sound right to me, but maybe my hearing is shot.


Whose responsibility is it to keep track of da balls? Which team with the contract should make sure da balls don’t end up in the wrong game? Maybe we will figure that out one day; but until then, don’t drop da ball.


I luv yah'll.