Wanda D. Hudson

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I admired Desmondís naked body, which was quite pleasing, until my eyes saw ďit.Ē What was ďit,Ē you ask? Nothing. Absolutely nothing. Iím not a day care provider. Why did all of a sudden I feel like I was in nursery school? Now I know why he made me wait so long. He knew I wasnít going to get anything. Iíd continue to wait if Iíd known this.

Desmondís penis was the size of a Chap Stick tube. No, no it wasnít. It was more like the size of a Vicks inhaler that had nothing else left to inhale. Picture a sweet gherkin pickle? Or how about a fat free Vienna sausage? Does that help you to understand what my eyes didnít see? I canít believe I waited a year and a half for nothing. Good things come to those who wait my ass.