Wanda D. Hudson

Miss Luv's Books - Because Everybody Needs A Little Luv!

Eva stumbled her way through the crowd seconds before the store was to close. Her best friend, Sheila, told her to go to a bootleg version of a Spencer’s Gift store in hopes of finding the perfect Halloween outfit.  After two patrons stepped on her toes, Eva practiced cursing Sheila out.

“Why do I continue listening to her ass?”

 The only thing more aggravating than the disorderly shoppers was the fact that Eva didn't change out of her three-inch, block-heeled, open-toed shoes after work. Thinking that the time it would take to give her feet comfort would slow her down was a mistake.

The sound over the PA stating that the store would close in less than ten minutes gave her an adrenalin rush. She always waited until she had no other choice to do any kind of holiday shopping, and Halloween was no different. Of course Sheila had talked her into attending some kind of adult masquerade thingy called The H-Ball. Eva outwardly denied that she didn't want to go but desperately desired a change of pace. She was single and thought the party would provide her with a mate who wanted the same type of love she desired.